L.A. Needs An Experienced Auditor As Controller

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As your City Controller:

  • I would be the first Controller to have a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.
  • I would be the first Controller to also be an attorney.
  • I would be the first Controller that has conducted over 350 audits, both civil and criminal for various governmental agencies.
  • I would be the first Controller that has extensive management and cost-control experience as a Chief Financial Officer.

Los Angeles is in desperate need of new leadership.  We need to spend City resources (our tax dollars) wisely – especially with regard to homelessness & public safety.  We need to support our first-responders as they keep us safe each and every day.  After all, public safety is “Job One” for government.

The Controller’s job is to audit whether city money is being spent effectively.  We need someone to keep an eye on our tax dollars and those who spend our tax dollars.  And we need someone who can combine accounting expertise, audit expertise, legal expertise and just plain common sense.

The Controller’s job is important.  It requires a deep knowledge of auditing and accounting. It is neither a consolation prize for termed-out career politicians nor should it be a platform for those with radical agendas who want to harm public safety by defunding our police.

We need fresh ideas, a fresh perspective, and realistic solutions for the problems facing our city.  I ask for your support and your vote.


🚨SILVERLAKE🚨ready to hold power accountable. #VOTE David Vahedi for Los Angeles City Controller. https://t.co/9V2xvBNW5H https://t.co/XQpt8fzTD5
City employee @rob4controller endorsing/rubber-stamping career politician @PaulKoretzCD5 is exactly why we are in this mess. WE NEED AN INDEPENDENT AUDITOR, NOT A CAREER POLITICIAN AS LA CITY CONTROLLER. I'm the only outsider candidate with 350 civil/criminal audits. https://t.co/U3Cu5d2Q9a
Only one candidate running for L.A. City Controller has 30 years of auditing experience, 350 Criminal & Civil audits under their belt, 24 years as an attorney, and is not a City Hall insider. #Vote https://t.co/Dg6cxRXJzN https://t.co/IxPpka6uda
As City Controller, my TOP priorities will be to:
🔴Audit DWP Corruption
🔴Audit how the City spends its Homeless Dollars
🔴Streamline the Permitting Process
🔴Help the next Mayor clean up L.A.
We can do this together.
Please vote DAVID VAHEDI for Los Angeles City Controller.

David Has The Experience We Need

David has the courage and the right experience to root out corruption and inefficiency at City Hall.

David was put to the test early in his career as a government auditor. As organized crime infiltrated the nation’s fuel supply chain resulting in California losing over $148,000,000 in 1994 to tax theft, the state was caught flat footed and unprepared. In response, the State Board of Equalization (SBOE) asked David and several other auditors to be the founding members of its first dedicated criminal investigation unit. After three years of hard work and dozens of prosecutions and targeted legislation, David and the team essentially eliminated tax theft in the fuel industry and re-leveled the playing field for honest businesses. Based on the unit’s early success, the legislature and the SBOE created a permanent criminal investigations unit with limited peace officer status to protect California’s taxpayers.

After graduating law school and developing a successful law practice, David was drawn back to government service in 2010. This time David was asked to be part of a team to decentralize the SBOE’s Appeal Program and be its first Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) based in Southern California. At the time, Appeals’ unit ALJ’s were based exclusively in Sacramento necessitating the ALJ’s to lose two days a week travelling around the state to hold hearings. Not only was this travel expensive (airfare, rental car, hotel, and food costs), it ended up wasting 40% of the ALJ’s time resulting in decisions taking as long as a year to issue.

By allocating half of the ALJ’s to Los Angeles, David and his team could hold hearings anywhere in Southern California with a 2 hour or less drive eliminating the expensive travel and more importantly allowed ALJ’s to issue opinions within the mandated 90 day time limit. The program to date has saved the taxpayers over $19,000,000 while delivering more efficient service.

These are just a few of David’s successes in rooting out corruption and bringing efficiency to government. He can do so much more as our next Los Angeles Controller.

  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting
  • Current Chief Financial Officer
  • Independent Auditor

Audits Conducted

A Proven Record Protecting Taxpayers

David has a track record of striving for government efficiency. He authored and was a major proponent of Proposition 228 ( 1998) Co-sponsored by Senator Diane Feinstein, Mayor Richard Riordan, and Congressman Howard Berman, the initiative required 95 cents of every school dollar to be spent at our schools which would have shifted $1.2 billion a year back to our classrooms without a tax increase.

David had the honor to be part of a team that decentralized a state tax agency’s Appeals Program which resulted in taxpayers receiving appeal decisions three times faster while saving the state of California millions of dollars through the elimination of expensive travel and lodging.

David deeply understands that every dollar wasted is one less dollar for our parks, for tree trimming, for sidewalk repair, for an adequately staffed fire department. He also knows that every dollar saved is one dollar less in needed new taxes. David will never forget he works for you.

He cannot do it alone. Please JOIN DAVID in making Los Angeles work for all of us.

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What Does The City Controller Do?

The City Controller is the elected paymaster, auditor and chief accounting officer for the City of Los Angeles. Along with the Mayor and City Attorney, the City Controller is one of three offices elected citywide.

The City Controller oversees a team of more than 160 employees who conduct independent audits, manage the City’s payroll and spending, report on the City’s finances, and provide City metrics and data online.

In order to fulfill the City Controller’s Charter-mandated functions, the City Controller’s office has three major divisions – Audit Services, Accounting Operations, and Financial Reporting and Analysis – in addition to Executive Office and Management Services leadership and staff.

Meet David

David “Ty” Vahedi is a lifelong resident of the City of Los Angeles. He resides today with his wife, Karli, and two boys, Connor, 15 (Hamilton High School) and Ronan, 10 (Clover Elementary) and two dogs, Dakota and Sedona, in West Los Angeles.

David attended public schools from kindergarten to high school and graduated from college with a BS in Accounting and a Juris Doctor from Loyola Marymount Law School. He is active member of the State Bar since 1998.

David is the Chief Financial Officer of a media buying company.

David In The Community

  • Referee, AYSO
  • Football Coach, LA Rec & Parks
  • Asst. Football coach, NFL Flag LA
  • Los Angeles County Young Democrats, Co-Re incorporator
  • Bill Rosendahl Courage Scholarship Award, Founder
  • Proposition 223 (Required 95 cents of every school dollar to be spent at school site), Proponent and Author Shifting of over $1,000,000,000 a year to schools without a tax increase.)
  • Westwood/West LA Democratic Club, Former Officer
  • West LA Democratic Club, Member
  • Culver City Democratic Club, Member
  • California Democratic Party, Former Delegate Appointed by Congresswoman Jane Harman
  • Protect the Vote, Volunteering Attorney/Monitor
  • SEIU 1000, Member, DLC 523 Bargaining Unit
  • Westside Neighborhood Council, Co-founder and elected member
  • Westside South of Santa Monica Homeowners Association, Board Member
  • Friends of Animals, Pro Bono Attorney
  • California Attorneys, Administrative Law Judges and Hearing Officers in State Employees (CASE), Member

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